Call your House Representative and ask for the removal of the Johnson Amendment language from the Financial Services appropriations bill.
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BoardSource believes in the power of nonprofit engagement in policy advocacy, but has long stood against electioneering by 501(c)(3) nonprofits (read more here). That’s why we are a part of a large, sector-wide coalition seeking to protect the Johnson Amendment, which prevents nonprofit electioneering and which President Trump has vowed to eliminate. We believe that allowing nonprofits to engage in electoral politics would politicize nonprofits in a way that will do irreparable harm to individual organizations and the sector as a whole.

This Thursday, the House Appropriations committee will vote on a bill that — if passed — will make it more difficult to enforce the Johnson Amendment, particularly for houses of worship. If you share the concerns that BoardSource and many other nonprofit and religious organizations have about the weakening of the Johnson Amendment and your Representative serves on the House Appropriations Committee, we encourage you to take a moment to call or email them today to share a simple message: “I’m your constituent and I ask that you act to strip the Johnson Amendment language in Section 116 from the Financial Services appropriations bill.”

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